Vaccinations: A Vital Part to Your Pet’s Health

At Mobile Vet of Western Mass, we deliver comprehensive veterinary services right to your home. One of the essential things that shouldn't be overlooked for your pet is vaccines. Our veterinarian understands how much you care about your pet's overall health, and we are happy to provide safe vaccinations for your animal.


What Towns Can Receive Vaccinations For Their Pets? 

Mobile Vet of Western Mass provides our expert care for an array of towns in the surrounding area, including Adams, Amherst, Ashfield, Belchertown, Chesterfield, Chicopee, Conway, Dalton, Deerfield, Enfield CT, Easthampton, East Longmeadow, Florence, Goshen, Granby MA, Great Barrington, Greenfield, Hadley, Heath, Holyoke, Haydenville, Leeds, Lenox, Longmeadow, Palmer, Pittsfield, Plainfield, Monson, Northampton, Northfield, Orange, Shelburne Falls, Springfield, South Hadley, Southwick, Stockbridge, Suffield CT, Turners Falls, Ware, Westfield, Williamsburg, and Williamstown.

The Reason For Vaccinating Your Pet

Vaccinations are a vital tool for your pet's immunity. They are intended to protect your pet from a future disease that would cause discomfort and pain. They are also a great tool in preventative medicine for your pet as vaccines help you from expensive medical procedures that could have been avoided in the first place.

When To Use Vaccines

The first year of your cat or dog's life is when it will get introduced to vaccinations, and this is the time when it receives the most. By the time your pet is about four-months-old, it should have about three treatments. Puppies and kitten's immune system isn't up to par yet, so these vaccines are essential. Once your dog or cat is an adult, which is usually considered over three years of age, it can get an annual vaccination or, as recommended by our veterinarian.

Why It's Important To Vaccinate At Different Life Stages

Pets mature very rapidly compared to humans, and they can get exposed to infectious diseases in a small time frame. For instance, vaccinating at eight weeks, then twelve weeks, and sixteen weeks helps reduce the likelihood of your pet being exposed to those diseases. 

Vaccines We Provide At Mobile Vet Of Western Mass

We provide all your pet's core vaccines that would prevent illnesses that spread to other pets, including rabies, parvo, and distemper. Our knowledgeable veterinarian can also recommend additional vaccines that would be beneficial to your pet, depending on its lifestyle. We work closely with all pet owners to determine precisely what vaccine your pet needs and when it should be administered.

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