Euthanasia FAQ

Dr. Sidorsky understands that our pets are a beloved part of our families. When you and our veterinarian decide that the time has come to make preparations for your pet, in-home euthanasia is a comfortable, peaceful, and stress-free option. Below, our home veterinarian answers five of your most frequently asked questions about in-home euthanasia.

#1: What is in-home euthanasia?

Dr. Sidorsky is committed to helping your pet’s last moments be as free from stress, anxiety, and pain as possible. That’s why we are happy to offer in-home euthanasia services. Remaining in your family’s home during this difficult time allows for a peaceful, stress-free passing for your pet. Additionally, many of our pet owners appreciate the ability to grieve privately in the comfort, safety and peace of their own homes.

#2: How do I know that it’s the right time?

Dr. Sidorsky knows and respects the fact that every pet owner, pet and situation is different. We offer a quality of life assessment to help pet owners understand the health problems their pets may be facing and the different care options that are available. In general, some things to consider include: (1) refusal to eat or drink; (2) inability to stand without assistance; (3) incontinence; (4) more “bad” days than “good” days; and (5) no interest in playing/interaction.

#3: What should I expect during in-home euthanasia?

Dr. Sidorsky works closely with each pet owner to create a safe, compassionate experience. Together, we can select a location where you pet is most comfortable, be that outdoors or indoors in a comfortable chair or bed. You are welcome to hold your pet in your lap or in your arms – whatever feels best for you and your pet. You are welcome to have friends and family present for emotional support, or you may wish to keep this a private, personal experience. Once Dr. Sidorsky arrives, in general, the entire process usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. We do not want to rush you or your pet through this process; we honor and respect the special bond you have with your pet.

#4: Will my pet experience pain?

Dr. Sidorsky makes every effort to ensure a stress-free and pain-free experience. In general, we give two injections. The first injection is a sedative that will help your pet relax; many pet owners like to distract their pet with a special treat during this injection. Once your pet is sedated, the second injection is an intravenous overdose of an anesthetic agent, which is rapid and painless. Your pet will be completely unaware of this administration.

#5: What happens afterwards?

Dr. Sidorsky has confirmed your pet’s passing, you are welcome to have a few minutes alone with your pet. If your pet is going to be cremated, our veterinarian will make arrangements and take your pet’s remains. You are also welcome to make your own arrangements.

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