Dr. Sidorsky is gentle, kind, sincere, genuine, and compassionate. Our first home visit, he incorporated my two small children in the exam of our dog by asking them questions and teaching them a thing or two about their pet. On our second visit, we had to put our oldest dog down, which was a very tough decision. Not knowing how we struggled with the decision to do so, his kind encouraging words made us know that we did in fact make the right decision. After 15 years of a very good life and well overdue life expectancy he now lays to rest without pain. The tone and soft spoken words of his voice was really so touching. The experience went from anxiety to peace within a few minutes upon his arrival, through our consult, and final moments. I could not have asked for a more comfortable experience while having to loose our oldest furbaby and our first experience with euthanizing a pet. We can’t thank you enough! We highly recommend this wonderful Couple! So glad we found you!!! Beyond words grateful for your empathy during such a sad time.

The Sayward Family


I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our home and helping our dog, Floppy, go to her final resting place. Dr. Sidorsky was wonderful with his kindness and obvious love of animals.  My husband and I, although sad to lose our little girl, were happy we chose you to help us with the process.

Again, thank you,

Judy S

Dr. Robert and Linda Sidorsky,

We just wanted to thank you for peacefully helping us say good-bye to Harley on January 11th. We had no idea what to expect and while you can never truly prepare for the end, your patience + kindness through the whole process was something we will never forget.  You were both wonderful to all of us. It was truly a gift to be able to hold him + hug him while he snored without him feeling pain.  He was finally comfortable.  We will never forget you for making our good-bye so gentle.  He was an amazing dog, friend, son, and brother and he will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Harley’s family


Note from Chum, Mr. Black and Peetie


Water Color by Louise W. Longmeadow, MA

Dear Doctor Sidorsky,

I cannot express the depth of appreciation my family and I have for the professionalism and compassion you offered us and Murphy at his life’s end.  Murphy was a being that lived life with such gusto and zest while maintaining a certain high dignity not often seen in humans, much less canines. Through your kind efforts, he left this life with as much dignity as he lived it.

He is, and will always be missed but we are comforted to know that every day of his long life he was blessed with nourishment, shelter, companionship and love as well as the best veterinary care. My days are beginning to recover some of their previous color but they will always be lacking a particular shade of brown.

Thank you again for your prompt, compassionate and professional endeavors while assisting my family and me at such a traumatic time.  You truly went above and beyond!



Dear Dr Sidorsky:

My family wanted to write to express our profound gratitude for everything you do for companion animals and their people. Finding you and your service was such a blessing during a terribly painful time as we made the decision to euthanize our sweet little cat Dusty. We knew we did not want to take her to the vet for her last moments as this was going to cause her even more suffering and anxiety. It was an incredible relief to finally connect with you and your very patient and wonderful wife, who has such a comforting and compassionate way of handling your incoming calls. On the day you came, we truly felt as if she were being accompanied by an angel who was taking her to a peaceful place of rest and no more pain. Your company and presence with us that day was an incredibly calming influence helping us to know we were doing the right thing. We can’t express our gratitude enough.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Karen S. and family


Dr. Sidorsky,

We want to express the most sincere thanks and appreciation for the service you provided us during the most difficult of times with our beloved Sam. Several weeks ago, we visited close friends shortly after the loss of their dog and they shared with us the experience you provided them in their home. Little did we know, we would soon be faced with the sudden decline in our own dog’s health. Their story of you was a blessing as we were faced with the tragic decision to lay Sam to rest. Until then, we had no idea that services like the ones you provide were available.

Your kindness, understanding, and sincerity provided Sam the ability to spend his final moments in his own loving home. He took to you immediately without any fear or stress. You gave him the peace that he so deserved and we cannot thank you enough. You are an angel on earth for the animals we hold so dear as well as us. We are lucky to have met you.

Thank you,

Laurie and Ken

Dear Robert and Linda,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for our beloved Butch.  It was the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to him after 22 wonderful years, but you, Dr. Sidorsky, were so caring and compassionate that day that it made it a little easier to bear.  Butch deserved to spend his last hours in his own home with the people who loved him, and to cross over calmly and with dignity, and you made that possible.  We can’t say enough about how wonderful you were.

Thank you both for bringing Butch’s ashes to our home today.  We have him on a table in the livingroom and he’s surrounded by flowers, candles and the sympathy cards we’ve received over the last couple of weeks.  It’s very beautiful.  I’m very sorry I couldn’t be there because I wanted to thank you again in person.  It means so much that you personally brought him back to us.  It’s very comforting to have him in the house again.

You are both very special people and I hope you continue to provide your services for many years to come.  Any pet parent is lucky to have you as their doctor for their special friend.  Please post this note on your website, as I would like to share my thoughts with others. Thank you again so much.

Mary and John B.  Springfield

Dear Robert & Linda,

Even though it has taken some time to write, your kindness and compassion for our beloved Maggie could not go without a written thank you. We can’t begin to tell you both how thankfull we are for making Maggie as calm and comfortable during her last moments. We so wish we knew you when it was out beloved Guccis’s time. We promised ourselves that we would not have another unbearable experience for our precious pets and for us all as well. And you Robert and Linda made that happen. It meant the world to us having you iin our home and providing such wonderful and comforting care for our Maggie. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and Peace Always

Jean, Charlie, Spooky and Maggie M.

Dear Bob and Linda,

We want to thank you so much for your help at the end of Caesars life. It was compassionate and caring – as I remember you both to be.  Having you with us was so helpful to me and Jeff had faith in you to help us make the right decision.

We wish you both wonderful health and happiness.

Myssie, Jeff and Kat

Dear Dr. Sidorsky

I want to thank you for your generous advice regarding my cat Garbo.  I haven’t taken any action yet, but think about what you said every day.

Thank you again, It means a lot to me knowing I can call you.


Elizabeth G. Greenfield


Thank you so much for coming to our house on such short notice this Sunday to help with our cat Molly.  It was important to us that her passing take place in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of her home and you made that possible.

Thank you,

Sean, Laurie, Katie, and Bridie

To Whom This May Concern,

My 13yr old yellow lab/greyhound mix was suddenly losing the fight against his condition. Sadly I had to accept the inevitable. I was entirely committed to sparing him from last moments of terror on a Vet’s examination slab. I needed a vet who would come to my home to perform a euthanasia that mercy demanded. Looking back I’m glad I also spared the public from my subsequent whimpering like a 2yr old orphan.

My regular veterinarian did not make house calls. Another animal clinic referred Dr. Sidorsky. I was hesitant to trust a stranger I had never met, nor had any personal endorsement of. This anxiety proved unfounded. The service Dr. Sidorsky performed met every expectation I could have had in putting my pet to rest.

I wanted for my dog be able to to lie in my lap like he always demanded, in that room in the house where he always rushed to greet me and felt at home, being pet on the chest as he always loved, slipping into a nap like he always would.

Dr. Sidorsky granted us all these wishes. No tension, no fear, no trauma; just final peace for my loyal buddy. I am left without a single regret, that my dog’s last moments could have been more fitting or painless.

Dr. Sidorsky and his assistant made themselves available do their work the day that I called. They were responsive and helpful by telephone, I found the service priced reasonably. One should expect personalized attention to cost a little more than a typical vet office lethal-injection and disposal would.

Also, I’d advise any pet owner facing this predicament to look up the process of euthanasia ahead of time, and know what to expect when that time comes. There will be options for how you would like your pet’s remains handled afterward. The Dr. took care to prevent me from having to make an immediate decision, but some pet owners will appreciate having reviewed the options and planned accordingly.

For any dog owner at last finding themselves in this final, unavoidable situation, I recommend the help of Dr. Sidorsky wholeheartedly and without reservation.


Dear Dr Sidorsky and Linda,

Thank you both for the wonderful care your gave Jackie O.  The fact that you came to my home is unheard of to most of the people I know.  If it was not for you both I would not have Princess Grace today.



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