Pet Senior Wellness

Here at Mobile Vet of Western Mass, we strongly believe in making pet wellness, and pet care in general, as easy as possible, which is why our mobile vet comes to you! That commitment goes double for our special seniors, because we understand that senior pets can become a little more challenging to deal with. Seniors deserve special care, and part of that is making sure that seniors take part in our pet senior wellness care program on a regular basis.

Some Old Age Changes

As your dog or cat starts to age, you’ll start to observe some old age changes that are a part of the aging process. While some of these old age issues, for example a general reduction in activity, might be a normal part of aging, others might be preventable consequences of aging. For example, if your pet is showing stiffness or soreness when walking, they might benefit from the addition of a simple supplement like glucosamine in their diet.

We rely on you as the pet owner to help us understand what types of changes your pet is experiencing. Any notes you make about changes in your pet’s eating habits, overall behavior, and temperament can be really helpful for us in treating your senior pet.

We usually recommend that senior pets get total senior pet wellness exam once or twice a year depending on your pet's specific health needs. During the exam our vet will examine your cat or dog from nose to nail, watching out for both existing and emerging issues.

If your pet is due for vaccinations or other basic preventative care, we can administer those during the pet senior wellness exam. If Dr Sidorsky notices any cause for concern, your pet may need tests like blood tests, fecal tests, or urinalysis to diagnose issues.

Pets will be checked for vision, hearing, reflexes, and general movement during a senior pet exam. If there are any particular areas you are concerned about, our vet will examine those in detail as well so that it can be determined if an issue is emerging.

Keeping Your Senior Healthy and Happy For Life

Keeping your senior cat or dog healthy and happy for life is our top priority, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve the happy long lifespan you’re hoping for.

As long as you are committed to providing regular pet senior wellness care, a comfortable environment for your senior pet, and a lot of patience and love, there is no reason that your senior can’t realize the longest and happiest life possible.

Taking care of a senior pet is a little bit different than caring for a young pet, but it only requires a few simple adjustments. The senior may need a little bit more time to do things, a slightly different food, and a few extra vet visits, but they repay their owners for that care with boundless love for their whole life.

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