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Mobile Vet of Western Massachusetts is proud to serve Springfield, MA and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. We are strictly a mobile service and see your pets in your home. All our appointments are scheduled in advance. We are similar to your physician's office but are limited to perform surgery, x-rays, or dental work.

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Dr Sidorsky has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Pioneer Valley for over 25 years where he lives with his wife Linda, and their pets Habibi (the dog) and Tim (the cat).

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  • DrSidorsky
    Dr. Sidorsky

    Dr. Sidorsky has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Pioneer Valley for over 25 years where he lives with his wife Linda, and their pets Habibi (the dog) and Tim (the cat).

    Dr. Sidorsky states that: “Our goal is to keep your pets as healthy as possible and offer you practical, sound medical advice in all stages of your pet’s life.” In addition, Dr Sidorsky, as a veterinarian, is committed to developing a trusting and lasting relationship with each of his clients and their pets.


  • I am so grateful that he travels. My cat isn’t able to emotionally go to the veterinarian office.

    - Susan H.
  • Very thankful for Dr. Sidorsky and the service he provides. He had seen my cat Muffy, several years ago at my home in Springfield for a general physical. All was good. Then, on 1/29/19, I knew that it was time to let Muffy move on. I noted that she had reached a point when it would have been unkind to allow her issues to progress. She had been deaf for several years and not a problem. Recently at age 18, she was losing her sight and showing signs of arthritis. She was still functioning very well, but there were signs of discomfort and confusion when she started bumping into furniture. Functioning on instinct, but obviously not enjoying her pampered days anymore, that morning she made it clear to me that she needed help out of her situation. I called Dr. Sidorsky and he arranged to come to my home in Ludlow that afternoon. Upon his arrival, we took care of the necessities. Then he detailed how it would proceed, and asked if I had any special requests. Muffy was curled up in her bed, received the calming injection, and as I petted her she went deep into sleep. The final injection was administered and Muffy passed on. Perfect. No ride to a hospital, no strange animal scents, no cold table, and no trauma whatsoever. Dr. Sidorsky offers the option of aftercare, but I took her for cremation and had her home within 24 hours. Thanks to him, not only was Muffy’s passing very humane, but it was much easier for me. Thanks again, Pam

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  • Sadly the only time I have gotten to interact with DR. Sidorsky is when we put a Malamute down 10 years ago, and my Lab last week on New years eve. He is absolutely a wonderful Vet, he is good at taking his time and going through the process with you, and allows you the time needed to grieve before and after the process. My family and I can't thank him enough for the kindness and gentle demeanor he displayed.

    Show More - James F.
  • Robert is a very caring and gentle soul who made this sad event more bearable. He provided my family and most importantly Ellie, our 14 yr. old black lab with compassion and understanding as we aided her to begin her next journey . He took the time to explain the process as well as answer our questions in a relaxed manner. He made sure that Ellie was comfortable as he went through the procedure. Our " lil big girl" passed on in a very peaceful way at home. It really was the best thing for her as wellas us. Robert is known as a professional but really he felt more like our friend. So hats off with gratitude and appreciation to him and the blessings he brings to all his patients and their families. I highly recommend this man to care for your pets!! Thank you Robert.

    Show More - Genia L.
  • We recently had our lovely companion dog of 16 plus years reach her final day where she went down and never could get up again after a long long aging process. Dr Robert Sidorsky came out to our home and gently went through the process as we put our dog to sleep. He was absolutely wonderful in this hard time and I am so glad he was able to help us and our situation. There were a few other final options we worked with him to complete our desired process. He handled everything so well. Thank you!

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